Salty's North Twin Mountain Trip Reports


Hiking Dates


Date Climbed: 09/11/2010

Distance: 9 miles

Low Elevation: 1840 feet
High Elevation: 4761 feet
Elevation Gain: 3110 feet
Elevation Loss: 3110 feet

Start Location: N. Twin TH
Finish Location: N. Twin TH
Route: North Twin Trail, view spur, back to ledge and summit, return

Weather: Sunshine, some breeze, warm
Companions: JustJoe, Becky, Mahiker01, RandallS, others


Flags on the 48 in an annual ceremony to commemorate the victims of 9/11. This was my first year participating, and it was a very satisfying to be a small part of this. Every year, on all 48 NH 4000 foot peaks, flags are raised. It was interesting to see the logistics of carrying and raising a 30 foot mast, with the team headed up by my friend Joe. The flag was to be flown on the ledges near the summit off a spur trail, but first Joe hung a flag at the spur junction.

Joe raises the first flag at the junction

At the ledges, the PVC sections were inserted and duct taped, then guy ropes tied to loop screws in the PVC. Caribiners tied the flag to more screw loops, and the flag went up surprising easy. Randall, his kids and friends had joined us and would raise another flag.

Joe flags with Randall going to set his

I really like Joe's addition, showing 4 stars for each of the planes, 2 on the World Trade Center, another in a Pentagon, and the fourth outside of these symbols to represent the Pennsylvania crash. Very powerful symbolism.

On some years, one of the military branches provides a fly-by, which is very powerful to me, also, that they would go out of their way to send their thanks, when usually we send our thanks to them. No fly-by this year, but I did catch a commercial 747 very high up thanks to Super Zoom.

747 up high

I was able to see nearly 1/4 of the flags that day. There were some stupid ones I missed (like Hale), and had trouble ID'ing certain peaks (Pierce and Jackson if you can believe that), but it was pretty cool seeing all those flags on this special day.

Flags From N. Twin