Salty's Carr Mountain Trip Reports


Hiking Dates


Date Climbed: 11/20/2010

Distance: 6.2 miles

Low Elevation: 1450 feet
High Elevation: 3453 feet
Elevation Gain: 2652 feet
Elevation Loss: 2652 feet

Start Location: Carr Mountain TH
Finish Location: Carr Mountain TH
Route: Carr Mountain Trail, to Waternomee Spur and back, Carr Mountain Trail to summit, Carr Mountain Trail to trailhead

Weather: Cold, overcast, windy
Companions: New Hampshire, BobC, JustJoe


Finally, a chance to hike with Bob again. I really like Bob, we share a similar outlook on life (crappy), and so the four of us headed up. We were still missing a Greg, so it was back to the old JoBoBriTy team. We followed the road to the trail, ending up at the house and then going back to what was now obviously the parking area. Now we had no idea where the trail was. We searched around, until I had the brilliant idea to actually check the WMG description. Oh yeah, go by the house. Sure enough at the far end of the field by the house was a solitary yellow blaze, the last blaze I'd see all day.

As always, the laughs were a-plenty as we followed the obvious logging road. Bob had to change shirts, and the bare-chested six-pack (of the liquid kind) appearing made for some hefty silliness. We quickly arrived at the Weetamoo Falls spur, which was obvious enough, but a bit overgrown. We came to a little cascade, and going futher the falls themselves. Brian wasn't terribly impressed, as they are rather small, but it was a pleasant enough diversion for me, and certainly Joe, who got some great shots.

We retraced our steps, and went further up the logging road, eventually going from easy grades to a rather moderate one. The problem was this grade is constant, going on and on. This was supposed to be an easy hike, as I had to DJ until midnight (ugh), but this was wearing more than a few of us out, self included. It reminded me much of Waumbek. After an eternity we finally emerged on the summit, a bare patch of various boulders and tall trees. We climbed the boulders and the views were as we had heard, extremely disappointing. I could see Moosilauke, but the clouds were killing any views that might be had. Joe and I went seperate directions off trail to find some views, and while I found an extremely limited one, it wasn't worth it. Ah well, today's about the hike with good friends. And shamelessly bagging another peak. :)

The trip down was quick, and we were done even earlier than expected. This was my final hike for 3 weeks as I went off on vacation, and not a bad one at all.