Salty's 08/08/2012 Trip Reports


Distance: 6.9 miles

Low Elevation: 26 feet
High Elevation: 597 feet
Elevation Gain: 897 feet
Elevation Loss: 897 feet

Start Location: Seyðisfjörður Iceland cruise dock
Finish Location: Seyðisfjörður Iceland cruise dock
Route: Lónsleria, Austurvegur, path along east side of river to west slope of mountain range, waterfall trail to end, off-trail south to small waterfall at 670 feet, back to trail, south at junction to power plant and access road, Rt. 93, Austurvegur, Lónsleria

Weather: Periods of sunshine and cloudy
Companions: (none)


At the town of Seyðisfjörður (the ð is a “th” as in them sound, go ahead, try to pronounce it...), we got down walking through town quick enough, and I asked at the tourist desk about hiking. The gentleman told me about a waterfall trail, noting on the map where it broke off from the loop trail. Sounds good to me. I would've like to have gone way up, but only being on the second day of a cold, a more relaxed hike seemed in order.

I set off on the road to the river where the trail started, noting a map which was lacking in detail in the close range, but I spotted a path next to the river as well as some stakes with yellow paint to blaze the way. Temps. were in the upper 60’s with a bit of a breeze. After a short bit, the trail turned away from the river and picked up a little elevation.

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Water, moss, grass and cliffs – the views that would dominate this hike

  The trail went along the hillside, and no treeline means no lack of views. I was hoping the trail might go up to the ridge, but I could feel the effects of the cold just after 200 feet of gain. It was about 60 degrees out, and bugless with a bit of a breeze. I did pass several falls coming off the ridge.

The trail to the junction was longer than I thought, but I was making good time given the lack of elevation gain. I had a turnaround time of 2 hours to make sure I got back to the ship well before it left, and I wanted to get as far as I could. Finally I came to the junction, completely unmarked except I could see a trail going straight where the loop trail turned right. Must be it. A new shade of yellow blazes marked the way this time, and it was a good thing as the path was not obvious at times.

And so I came to waterfall number 1 in 5 minutes. This trail would live up to its name.

Some hook beaked bird decided to harass me for a quarter mile, following me and sounding its alarm call. The trail climbed some more and the views back were great.

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More and more falls presented themselves, including this one near the end.

And finally the trail ended here.

I had 15 minutes left to turn around, so I decided to do a little bushwhack to a small fall up near the cliff bands. It was interesting walking, as the ground was very spongy in some places, and I’d sink in many inches as I stepped. Not wet, just spongy. I’d find herd paths here and there, and then stumbled on a blueberry patch in its peak. Time to gather.

The little falls was nice after some steep climbing.

I started to climb up a little more, but it was steep and my legs had little up in them left, so I headed back. Once back at the junction, I noted a trail on the map going up to the ridge, and was bummed I missed that, but as I said, it would’ve been grueling for me today, and I did get to see a lot of neat things. I only realized the next day that I did indeed spot this trail at the junction.

From here, I took the part of the loop I hadn’t taken yet, dismayed to find out it was a roadwalk for much of the way. Yucky. Ah well, back to the ship to get a cold beer and a shower. This was about 9 miles total with a max. elevation of 600 feet, but I felt like it was quite a workout, and saw a side of nature many haven’t seen. Good stuff.