Salty's 07/20/2014 Trip Reports


Distance: 8.9 miles

Low Elevation: 1785 feet
High Elevation: 2324 feet
Elevation Gain: 1131 feet
Elevation Loss: 1131 feet

Start Location: Bog Brook TH
Finish Location: Bog Brook TH
Route: Bog Brook Trail, Wildcat River Trail, Wild River Trail to Rainbow Trail Jct., Wild River Trail, Bog Brook Trail to Forest Road

Weather: Cloudy to showers
Companions: (none)


Written 5 months later, this was the last hike I did in a while due to other stuff going on in my life, and it was a bit of a depressing end to a 5 month hiatus.

Always wanting to summit Carter Dome via the Rainbow Trail, I thought this would be a decent day. The trend was supposed to be clearing, so under cloudy skies I went up the Bog Brook Trail yet again, and yet again finding the last crossing difficult. In fact, impossible without taking off my boots. Fortunately, I had brought water shoes, but I hate having to go through changing them out, but no choice here.

Wanting to work in a little redlining, I headed up the Wildcat River Trail, finding it needed some brushing in places, but pleasant enough. At the Wild River Trail, I turned onto that to find a swamp.

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Reminders of so many logging roads up north I've used to access some off-trail peaks. Back onto familiar ground at the Bog Brook trail junction. Up to the Rainbow Trail junction, I wasn't feeling especially spritely, and had a decision to make. Rain starting to fall pretty much sealed the deal. Ugh. Best saved for a better day, so back down the Bog Brook Trail and a recent reroute around a beaver dam. And once again, I lost the trail at a bridge over a brook. I can't for the life of me figure this section out.

I opted for the longer and hillier road walk versus dealing with the brook again. Six of one, half dozen of another. Up and down, up and down, are we there yet? I came to a new parking lot by the gate, where the new trailhead would be soon. No choice soon, deal with that road. Ah well.

If I recall correctly, it turned out to be a nice day later on in the afternoon. Of course. :-)