Salty's 04/03/2011 Trip Reports


Distance: 1.5 miles

Low Elevation: 1770 feet
High Elevation: 2760 feet
Elevation Gain: 67 feet
Elevation Loss: 1064 feet

Start Location: Lonesome Lake Hut
Finish Location: Lonesome Lake TH
Route: Across lake to Lonesome Lake Trail

Weather: Sunny, in the 30s, breezy
Companions: (none)


For some reason, despite hitting the hay at 11:30 or so, I felt a little punky at 6:30 or so (no watch...). Asked if I wanted breakfast (which I hardly ever eat), I beelined it for the coffee, being only the 5th person or so to be awake. I was worried about sleeping in too late, no fear of that. After being the official doorholder to escort out the Great Lonesome Lake Flood, I got my stuff packed up, as I was anxious to get home. Still holding about half of my food, I was reluctant, but had to, ask if there was any garbage to carry. Winner! It wouldn't be fair to leave everything to others, and it didn't seem to heavy. For the first 500 feet. It magically grew in mass as I went down.

Just to make sure my trip down was unenjoyable, I was still wearing the clothes I slept in. I had zero room in my pack, so down I went in bright and increasingly warm sunshine in my poly pro shirt, thick wool sweater and thick fleece. I actually had to stop on the way down to rest, and let some steam out from underneath. Ah well, the Ball was well worth it, and there were those who made several trips up, including some with hefty weights. Baby whiner. Arriving at the lot, I saw some hikers gearing up, and actually got cold with the wind blowing through. Getting home at 10 was a treat, and I gave my wife a big kiss. We're not used to being apart. :)